LED Work Light For Makita 18V, 2000 Lumens, Flood LED For Makita 18V Battery -(Tool Only)

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LED Work Light ForMakita 18V, Custom made, 2000 Lumens

For Makita 18V Battery, Flood LED

We originally designed for our own 3d print farm, it's the perfect size light when we working on the Printer
Now, it has been loved and chosen by so many local customers here in Detroit Michigan,
plumbers, mechanics, auto repair, pest control, house inspectors, outdoors enthusiast who love camping, fishing(Ice fishing) or just hanging out in the bush: )

Like all our product, we always try our best to improve the design and print quality.
the LED we are use is one of Best on Amazon.
the Runtime is around 5h with 5Ah battery.

*Designed and Made in USA by CCE3D.com in Michigan*


*Sold without batteries*

*Sold without battery Charger*

*You need to provide your own battery and charger*

*No charging port on LED*


Note: this is the custom made Light, NOT a Makita Brand Product, It does NOT come with Battery or Battery Charger, Sorry I have to PUT *Sold without Batteries* everywhere, believe it or not,  I am still getting a lot of customers complaint there is no Battery and Battery Charger in the shipping box.

Support Makita 18V Batteries.

*This is a made to order Item, It may take up to 3-5 days extra before shipping, once shipped, you will receive a email with tracking information, thank you for your understanding.*


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