Hydroponics DIY - Set of Endcaps for 3x4 Vinyl Downspouts

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A set of two endcaps for 3" x 4" Amerimax(From Homedepot)
Similar VINYL downspouts will also work.

Apply Silicone then put on the end of downspout to make your own hydroponic grow system.
Please make the silicone to dry thoroughly before first use, silicone dry time may vary.

The dry time for silicone is 24-48 hours. the cap itself will not leak.

the cap is designed tight fit, slip in STRAIGHT,
DO NOT use rubber mallet or any kind of hammer or force.

This is the endcaps only, downspout not included.

Each endcap measures the perfect fit(see pictures).

All endcaps made by food safe PET plastic.(same as the coke bottle plastic).

NOTE: this item is NOT designed for construction use, will NOT work for installing rain gutter for your house.

We are small business located in Detroit Michigan,
We offer the best 3d printing quality in Detroit Michigan!


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