Battery Adapter Dock For Milwaukee M18 - For Power Wheels DIY -Tool Only

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For Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter Dock

Power Wheels DIY

Color: Space Grey

PETG - weather/heat resistant 

14AWG Silicone Soft Wire

Handmade and Carefully tested for perfect fit

3 mounting holes

Battery Not Included, Tool Only;

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q:Can this adapter connect to 120v light?

    A: No, It can't, it output 18v DC straight from the connected battery.

  1. Q:Can this adapter adjust output volt?

    A: No, It can't, it output 18v DC straight from the connected battery. 

       For adjust the output volt, you need to connect a DC-DC Buck Converter.

  1. Q:Can I use this adapter charge my battery?

    A: No, Very dangerous!!!  Li-ion Tools batteries need original charger to charge it.

  1. Q:Can this adapter damage my battery?

    A: No, this adapter will not damage your battery.

  1. Q: What is the amp rating for the adapter and wires?

    A: the wires are 14 AWG, 14awg copper the max overcurrent protection is 15 Amp. its allowable ampacity is 20 Amp at 60 deg. C

           draw more than 20 AMP continues will burn and will also short battery life(M18 battery is not designed for draw more than 20Amp).

6.Q: I love the adapter quality, Where Can I the same Professional Grade PETG filament for my own 3D printing project?

    A: All Our High Quality 3D Printed Adapter using CCE3D Professional Grade PETG Filament, 

       available at

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